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New Business Buzz understands the needs of new and growing businesses.


NEW-BEE - Sparkle with your social media - Custom posts and engagement

  • Research your business and understanding your goals, your customers, and the best days and times to post.
  • Integrating it all into an amazing social media plan that is unique to your business including intentional hashtags and strategy.
  • Careful curation, design, and content for engagement promoting posts that provide branding and lead interest and sales to your doorstep.
  • 5 targeted posts per week on 2 social networks.
  • Follow up on comments, shares, and likes.  We make sure that when someone likes or comments on a post, we invite them to also follow your page, and encourage their friends to as well. 

Every post, comment, and followup is done in ghost mode, as we do it as YOU in YOUR brand! We are an extended arm of your business, not a generic posting service.  This means authentic reach and local engagement as well as a personal approach to each post, just like you would do it.   Most of our clients consider us their in-house social media manager, not a service, and we love that!

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SOCIAL-BEE - Shine with your social media - Custom posts, engagement, followup with page interaction, sourced traffic, custom tabs, monthly follower expansion, newsletter integration, representation to your customer market in groups and pages, cross-promotions in your target market, specialized hashtags, page, and post shares

  • Includes everything listed in NEWBEE ⬆
  • 7 days of posting and full engagement on up to 4 social platforms of your choice
  • Daily interaction and full immersion into those social media platforms.
  • Responding to reviews, comments, and direct messages.
  • Tracking and responding to mentions and reviews, not just on social media, but on social review sites
  • Full use of an amazing toolbox of services and techniques to customize your social experience and reach out to your customer base not only on your pages but on pages and groups where your target audience visit and interact.
  • We organically grow your brand and show that you are interested in not just "promoting" but also participating.
  • Drive traffic to your social platforms and from your social platforms to your website or landing page
  • Setup newsletter signups and lead pages.

Three-way in-depth interaction like this is what builds brand recognition and trust while at the same time keeping you engaged with current customers, making sales with new customers, and shining as a lead authority in your area of expertise.   

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The Hive - Explode your social media and off-social footprint - This is the full monty, the whole enchilada!  If you are looking for a replacement for a full-time social media manager, SEO expert, PR facilitator, and marketing sales superstar (and at 80% less then having a full-time staff) - this is what you have been looking for.

We do everything listed in NEWBEE and SOCIAL BEE, as well as...

  • Press Releases
  • Articles published and distributed
  • B2B connections
  • Giveaways and sponsorships on your behalf to drive community engagement and customer acquisition
  • Citations and business listings
  • Website traffic sourcing
  • Ads paid and organic
  • Generate reviews
  • Customer thank you's
  • Local community engagement and representation
  • Website SEO
  • Listings/Groups/Mentions/ on Reddit, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and MANY more
  • Generated check-ins
  • Monitoring of reviews and mentions
  • Newsletter setup, design, and e-mail collecting
  • Cross promotions
  • Blog comments
  • Much More (we customize your marketing plan according to what makes the most of your budget and leads to the most ROI)


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A la cart and Addons:

    • 1 hour of immersed engagement to generate brand love and followers on 1 platform
      • $60 for your first hour, and $50 per additional hour booked at one time
    • 1 review for your business generated organically on one platform/site through our "busy-bees" choosing to check out your product/service
      • $50 per organic honest review, and $35 per additional review booked at one time
    • 5 unique engagement generating posts that are brand specific to your needs, designed, scheduled AND provide post wording/hashtags, on your choice of platform
      • 5 to 15 are $20 each
      • 15 - 30 are $10 each
    • Concierge Virtual Assistance
      • $56ph when up to 10 hours are retained a month
      • $46ph when up to 19 hours are retained a month
      • $36pr when up to 80 hours are retained a month
      • Need more, check out our packages or ask for a quote!








Send us a quick e-mail to let us know who you are, what your company does, what you're looking for and your budget.  We will get together a soft proposal for you, see if we are a good fit, and go from there.



* 3-month minimum commitment for packages. You can upgrade at any time! Billed monthly at the start of service or pay biannually for a 10% discount.