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NewBusinessBuzz will register your #Hashtag for free

Mar 24th, 2020

A hashtag is the pound sign. The sharp note in musical notation. A tic tac toe board. This: # When it comes to social media, the hashtag is used to draw attention, organize, promote, and most of all to help you TRACK mentions. Way back in 2007... more »

Instagram in 2020: Are you using geo tagging correctly

Mar 24th, 2020

How to Tag a Location on Instagram A location tag, also known as a GeoTag, on Instagram puts a place on a literal map. Location tags tell your followers where you are or where the picture was taken. If you have a brick and... more »

Why all of your promote and sell posts aren't working

Feb 1st, 2019

Social media marketing can be pretty overwhelming when you have absolutely no idea what to share. Many businesses tend to go the route of “promotion, sell, promotion, sell” but no one wants to follow a social media account that only talks... more »

The most popular hashtags for every day of the week and a cool FREE hashtag tool

Jan 16th, 2019 - Check this out for a fun way to generate some popular hashtags for your postings!   Monday Hashtags #KittyLoafMonday (all about cats)#ManCrushMonday (all about handsome men, shared by both men and women)#... more »

Free Social Media Images for the Holidays -

Dec 1st, 2018

  December 7th, 2018 Happy Holidays!   The crazy busy season continues. With Thanksgiving behind... more »